Plant it. Grow it. Share it.

Current Status: May 2021 Early access Beta.

Thanks for checking out our app! This is a very early stage release and has limited functionality. We're wanting to build a community around this app and add features over time to make it as sustainable as possible. Many apps grow very quickly backed by speculative investment only to later scramble to find a way to make money and survive. Usually this means selling your data and/or advertising.

We don't like this model for plantd. So we're asking for a very modest amount of money to sustain development on our app. If you get in early, you're rewarded with a very low price. We've already put in over 1,000 hours of work, and we'd love to put in 1000s more.

We'll see you in the garden! -Mags & Ro

plantd community is live!

We've built a community forum for our subscribers to talk about all things plants. You can also be part of the app development by suggesting new features and reporting bugs to help us out. To get access, simply grab a subscription on the app. You'll be sent the details from there. Thanks!